Africa is an amazing place. Its nature looks almost intact, and full of wonderful animals we all wish to see in person. But, traveling to Africa isn’t cheap. Some of us would love to go to a safari, but just don’t have enough money. Well, all of that is about to change, as we bring you a list of 10 amazing safaris that are
affordable to you.

Off-season trip to South Africa
The perfect time for traveling to South Africa is between May and September, when the season is low. It may rain near the oceans, but the interior of the country is dry, which means that you will see more animals. You can get a full package for just $165 a day per person.


Owner-run camps in Zambia

Remote Luangwa Valley in Zambia is a home to John and Carol Coppinger,  who offer walking safaris and a full package stay at the lodge for just $300 per week, which comes in cheaper $300 a day than a corporate safari camp.


Self-drive through Botswana, Namibia and South Africa

These safaris are not so complicated, and could help you save money on air travels. National parks in South Africa are close to big cities, so you could drive there. Parks are a bit further away in Namibia and Botswana. The roadsare rougher there too, so a SUV is recommended.This type of safari costs around $3,600 per 13 days, and you will be provided with free equipment.

Guided driving safari in Tanzania

This 12-day safari in Tanzania offers SUV drives with experienced guides who know all about the roads and the animals. You’ll visit top reserves in this country, and at the end, the total cost of this travel will amount to about $7,000 per person.


Places with weak currencies
The beautiful country of Namibia has a currency that is weaker than the US dollar. That means that the prices will be cheaper, which means that one night could cost mere $260 per person, with food and animal tracking included. This 10-day safari will cost about $5,900 in the low season, including the flight back to Johannesburg.

Smaller sibling camps of the big companies in Botswana
Many big safari companies are opening sister camps, in which you could stay for just around $600 a night. Those are old, rustic properties, with six tents on an island near Okavango floodplains.


Newer camps in Tanzania
New camps usually have problems with attracting guests, so most of them are lowering prices for that exact reason. You could find a place for just $445 per person per night in deluxe colonial-style tents beneath the trees.

 Less obvious reserves in Zambia, Kenya and South Africa
Look for some lesser known reserves in these countries. They are less visited by international guests, and usually offer better deals. They offer comfort, electricity, experienced guides and superb meals for mere $230 per day per person!


National park lodges in South Africa

Most Africans stay in government-owned national parks when they go to safari. It is less luxurious than the private lodge, but it costs mere $70 a night! That price includes self-catering, two-bedroom bungalows. You could also hire rangers who could organize a drive to see the wildlife.

Find the right people in Kenya
There are 10-day safaris in Kenya that offer great deals, if they are booked through the right people. That way, you could find a perfect safari for just $300 per day.