Entebbe is a fairly small city on the edge of Lake Victoria located only 35km by road from Kampala the capital of Uganda. It is home to Uganda’s international airport and serves a tourist gateway. Most tourists spend around a night or two here at the start or end of their Safari. Entebbe is also home to Lakeshore forests and wildlife. The main sites to see are the Entebbe Botanical Garden and the Wildlife Education Centre that houses rare rescued species such as chimpanzees. Established in 1903 the botanical garden is a sight to see, standing on approximately 30 acres on the edge of Lake Victoria. The garden has a number of exotic and indigenous specimen. A large area has been allowed to turn back to a forest. A fun fact of the botanical garden is a number of Tarzan movie shots were shot there. There are also loads of ferns, birds and butterflies. Another highly recommended site in Entebbe is the Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary. It is a 100-acre island set aside for mainly orphaned chimpanzees that lost their parents to poaching. There are currently around 47 chimpanzees living there and it’s a day-long, wonderful learning experience. Other activities in Entebbe include a relaxing view at Aero Beach and also one can explore the capital Kampala. 

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