If you plan to travel to Uganda for a safari, you are probably worried about travelling. After all, sitting on long flights and navigating foreign airports is not something people generally look forward to. Rest assured: you will be taken care of, and Ugandan airports are far easier to navigate than you may expect.


Entebbe International Airport (EBB) is the main entry point for flights into Uganda. Near the town of Entebbe, it is just about 46kn (29mi) from Kampala, the country’s capital. Uganda is a small, relatively compact country—around the size of the state of Oregon in the United States—so most travel within its boarders is conducted by vehicle. Entebbe International Airport is undergoing plans to modernize, and with a renovation budget of almost $600 million USD, it is sure to be a beauty.


If you are still worried about travelling, don’t fret; in most cases, your local tour operator will collect you from the airport or hotel. You can also ask tour operators and hotel staff to arrange further transportation as part of your accommodations or safari package.



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