Bulago is just over 500 acres. From tip to tip it is nearly 2 miles long. There are about 6 kms of sandy beaches and about 10km of shoreline altogether, the balance of the shoreline is made up of rocky outcrops and low cliffs. Around the shore the soil is highly fertile and is in places tree covered. The north-east tip of the island contains a small portion of rainforest. The interior of the island is less fertile and is covered with savannah-like grassland. It is intended that Zebra and some antelope be brought to Bulago where they may exploit the savannah-like environment in the interior of the island.

Sailing on the lake is great fun, and a laser is available free of charge for the use of club members. A small sailboat or a windsurfer is highly recommended for owners and can easily be launched from the beach. Waterskiing and tubing is available through the Lodge or an owner could invest in a speedboat.

One of the great pleasures of Bulago is the sheer range and diversity of walks available and with two dominating hills on the island, the views can be magnificent. The size of the island means that walks can range from quick strolls through to full-blown hikes. Bird watching is another great past-time on Bulago and the range of birds is dazzling – even to non-twitchers. Ngamba Island chimpanzee sanctuary is located just 4 miles south of Bulago Island. Ngamba, known locally as Chimp Island, is home to 30 orphaned chimpanzees and is run by the Jane Goodall Trust.

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