Uganda Hiking and Mountaineering Adventures regarded to be the legendary the “Mountains of the Moon” for its mist and snow-capped peaks, the Rwenzori Mountains in western Uganda are perfect for world class hiking adventures in large evergreen & bamboo forests.   

The trails lead through rainforest rattling with monkeys and birds, then tall bamboo forest, before emerging on the high-altitude moor land zone, a landscape of bizarre giant lobelias, towered over by black rock and white snow.

The higher moor land zone is known for its surreal cover of giant heathers, lobelias and groundsels.  The Rwenzori mountain range has six peaks of permanent snow and glaciers that make for dramatic scenery and amazing photographic opportunities.

Mt. Margherita, Africa’s third highest peak reaching a height of 5,109M, is an excellent destination for experienced hikers and climbers, although the higher slopes are demanding and require some mountaineering skills.

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