Ssese Islands

Ssese Islands are a resort for relaxation. The archipelago consists 84 islands and has unspoiled, beautiful nature. Visit there by motorized boat and enjoy the luxurious view of green forest, white sand beach and water. You will be welcomed by friendly Islanders and colourful wildlife like birds and brilliant butterflies. The sandy beaches are said to be bilharzias fee. Another activity is a sports fishing of Nile Perch from boats.

Ssese Islands inside the famous Lake Victoria offers great and relaxing get away opportunities. The serene and fresh atmosphere at the cool Island offers you a favourable environment to unwind and relax from the daily troubles and frustrations in life. 84 forested islands make up Ssese Islands, which form Kalangala District.

Its sandy beaches offer very attractive scenery that attracts people looking to relax and unwind in the white sands in different ways.

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