The Banda Sea Islands Moist Deciduous Forests are found on small islands scattered across the Banda Sea and are part of the region known as Wallacea, which contains a distinctive fauna representing a mix of Asian and Australasian species. Active volcanoes are found on the Banda Islands, whereas other parts of the ecoregion represent portions of the Australian continent that have been torn off. The islands contain a remarkable twenty-one bird species found nowhere else on Earth.

Banda Island was originally bought almost 10 years ago however it wasn’t until 1999 that the island opened it’s doors to travellers for the first time. The information provided below will help to give you some idea of the atmosphere on the island and an idea of how to get here. Getting there & Away Various options are available depending on your budget. The Kasenyi option: The cheapest and most regular is to take a Sesse fishing canoe from Kasenyi landing site. Take a taxi from old taxi park in Kampala at around 4.00 p.m which costs 1,500/-. 

In Kasenyi walk towards the water and on your right hand side you will see a Banda sign over the Kasenyi Takeaway. Pile into the takeaway and ask for Grace, who will sort you out and make sure you are on the right boat. There is usually a choice of two or three, and she will have up to date information on who is likely to travel first.

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